Injection Therapy

Did you know that Free Your Feet Podiatry offers injection therapies for a number of foot conditions?  The most common foot conditions that we may use injection therapy for are Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciosis, Morton’s Neuroma, Bursitis and Sinus Tarsitis but this is by no means an exhaustive list.  Injections can be used for pain within joints, around weakened ligaments or at the insertions of tendons onto bones.

When most people think of injections used for musculoskeletal  complaints they immediately think of corticosteroid injections. This therapy can be useful but most people are put off by the fact that steroids are known to weaken soft tissues. There are other agents that can be injected to good effect without the side effects.  Prolotherapy is such a treatment.

Prolotherapy involves injecting an irritant at the site of pain to elicit an inflammatory response that is thought to promote healing.  Agents that are commonly injected in prolotherapy  are hyperosmolar dextrose (a sugar), glycerine, lidocaine ( a commonly used local anaesthetic), phenol and sodium morrhuate ( a derivative of cod liver oil extract).  The injections are typically performed two weeks apart for a minimum of 3 sessions but can take place over several months if needs be.

Another useful injection treatment is hydrodilaton therapy. This involves injecting inert agents such as saline solution to expand and separate soft tissues where there might be adhesion of the tissues causing discomfort.

The above treatments can be beneficial when traditional first phase treatments such as eccentric stretching, footwear, PRICE and orthotics have had limited success.  Please do not hesitate to contact Free Your Feet Podiatry in Castle Hill, NSW if you feel you might be a candidate for any of the above treatments.

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