The Athlete’s Foot visit

Franc recently paid a visit to The Athlete’s Foot in Castle Hill on a busy back-to-school Saturday. This is something he endeavours to do every couple of months to offer customers footwear and foot related advice if required.
Franc was hosted by Mark, Robyn and the rest of the The Athlete’s Foot team.  The team are all very knowledgeable of their products and were able to match specific footwear to customers feet on Franc’s recommendation.  This recommendation was based on information gained following thorough assessments by Franc of each customers foot-type and individual requirements.  This ensured maximum comfort and optimal foot function from the chosen footwear for those seen.  It also allowed Franc to accurately identify candidates that required orthotics that did not previously realise that they would benefit from these.
The Athlete’s Foot stock many of the most popular and functional footwear brands but the most noteworthy following this visit would be the brand Ascent. Ascent produce very well made school shoes that possess all the features one could possibly need from a school shoe.  Franc was very impressed by their design and range. Definitely one to consider for the new academic year.

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