Meet Franc Pirc

Free Your Feet Podiatry Pty Ltd operates under the excellent clinical care of the Podiatric Director, Franc Pirc. Franc is a graduate of the University of East London, and holds a BSc (Honours) in Podiatric Medicine. Franc’s journey to clinical foot care took a rather circumspect route. He initially trained in leather craft, designing footwear in Franc PircSouth Africa. He then studied shoe design and manufacture at the London College of Fashion – Cordwainers in the United Kingdom, and worked in the manufacture of handmade shoes. This developed into producing bespoke orthotics to support clients’ foot health. Franc soon discovered his real passion lay in the clinical area of foot care, and he completed his degree in Podiatric Medicine. Franc has run his own clinic in Wimbledon, London, as well as worked at a private practice in Surrey. With his background, bespoke orthotics are a specialist interest of Franc’s. As a professional podiatrist in Sydney, he prides himself on producing handmade, high quality orthotic devices that are proven to support and alleviate a wide range of pathologies.

 “A podiatrist’s extensive knowledge of human anatomy along with our experience in biomechanics, aides us in accurate diagnosis and treatment of lower limb and foot disorders”cropped FYFPodiatry Logo HighRes 252x300 - Bespoke Orthotics Sydney

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